Facilities and Development

Business Strategy

We are focused on providing high quality services and creating added values to our clients but at the same time keeping prices competitive.

1. Our Port has two Oil Berths and an upcoming Conventional Buoy Mooring Facility.
2. Maximum Unloading capacity per hour is 1650 MT
3. Safe berths even in bad weather.

Port Facilities Overview

Oil Berth No 1 can handle tankers for loading and unloading of all type of oil products, including LPG. Berth Capacities are as follows:

Length- 230 meters
Depth – 11 meters
Safe Draft- 9.5 m

Oil Berth No 2 can handle tankers of all types of oil products, including LPG. Berth Capacities are as follows:

LOA – 120 meters
Depth – 8 Meters
Safe Draft – 6.5 meters

Conventional Buoy Mooring

The CBM is capable to serve Vessels for loading and unloading of Diesel Products through two underwater pipelines. The CBM capacities are as follows:

Maximum Deadweight of Vessel- 140,000 T
Length- 300 meters
Depth- 20 meters
Safe Draft – 17 meters
Use of Port Facilities

Port Facilities can be used to transfer all oil products from ship-shore or vice-versa.
Our Port Facilities could also be used for SHIP-SHIP transfers.

Entry Permits

Our facilities are categorized in two different designated restricted areas

  • Our parking lot and the facility where our staff and state offices are located are part of the first restricted area. People who need to access this area need to have permanent entry permits or one day visitor entry permits. People who will be provided with one day entry permits MUST have with them their State ID-s.
  • Our most restricted area starts where the building of our process control room is located and it continues all the way to the end of our Terminal. This area is accessible only by our assigned employees, by third party workers whose services are needed when we expect to berth Vessels, and State authorities which need to survey the Vessels before the loading/unloading operation starts. All the people who need to access this top restricted area must apply for temporary or permanent passes.
  • Parking Permits
  • Parking lot is located at the less restricted area of Porti MBM. Anyone who needs to park at our parking lot in order to access our facilities they need to have a parking permit. Driving is not allowed in the second restricted area. People who need to go to the terminal will use our dedicated car for transportation.